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If you have suspicions that your honey is having an affair, you may purchase home infidelity test from the Check Mate Test, LLC - manufacturer of marital infidelity test CheckMate, which could help you to find the evidence of adultery, based on the semen detection. You'll catch a cheating spouse and to resolve your doubts with signs of  adultery and affair in your family life. Infidelity test CheckMate is an accurate instrument to recognize the semen traces all over the world. The forensic laboratory service and DNA paternity comparison testing are available as well.

Violation of the marriage by marital infidelity or adultery (affair) of cheating wife or unfaithful husband and their unfaithfulness to a mutually agreed their relationships is a hard problem for any family. Unfaithful wives attitude could assault at the very core of the oath that exists between two people. Very few relationships last once infidelity rears its ugly head and husband captures a traitress spouse or opposite, because of the lost trust. If you are suspecting your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, would you rather know or not? Do you want to know how to catch and bust a jilt?

Recent scientific studies in the forensic test kits industry have made it possible to catch the cheaters for people in the receiving end of infidelity by the detection of semen stain in the private articles. With the use of a CheckMate home semen stain detection test known as CheckMate, dried semen-sperm can instantly be detected in underwear after sex and even years later. It can be used to test a woman or a man for catching a partner who is a cheater by testing suspect stains on clothing, bed sheets and even panty liners.

Cheating spouse goes to great lengths to hide their unfaithful affairs and relationships so it may prove difficult to catch cheating wives. The cycle of doubt and fear goes on and on unless a suffering partner can finally confront the other with clear evidence that he or she knows the truth. For most spouses, a proof of actual sexual relationship is usually needed to trigger a decisive action from them. In this context, CheckMate can help.

CheckMate offers the advantage of a semen detection kit that can be used in the privacy of one’s home. The test can be carried out in complete secrecy in at least 5 to 10 items. A second test kit is given free with every order. CheckMate has been in the market since 1999, providing solutions that are within reach of spouses and partners who desperately need to know the truth. Confidentiality in purchasing a detection kit can spell the big difference in whether one will decide to pursue action or not.

The material to be tested does not present any hindrance for detection since the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit works on any type or color. It also does not stain nor damage the material in any way. Partners being tested only get to know when confronted directly with the results of the test. Innocent partners need not be hurt by misplaced suspicions since their doubting partners can make the test and get the results by themselves.

The infidelity CheckMate test kit is designed for use in suspect stains.  The stain is wetted by a transfer solution which is then blotted by absorbent paper to lift and transfer the biological properties of the stain to the paper.  The testing solution is dropped on the paper when it has dried out.  Results are premised on the paper’s change of color.  A purple color obtained within fifteen (15) seconds of application of the solution is considered a positive or affirmative result.  The test is considered negative otherwise.

Catch a cheating spouse, unfaithful husbands or cheating wife with forensic home semen detection infidelity test kit CheckMate, confirm cheating signs and bust a cheater.

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