• Semen Detection Lab Test  (STL)

We discontinued this service because our home test has proven to be reliable and as accurate as lab testing results.

In many infidelity cases forensic laboratory helps to detect for sperm and semen stain even if present in small quantity, no matter how old the stains are, we have to detect these stains precisely. Semen/sperm detection and recognition service by forensic laboratory works with stain spots on almost any objects, mostly underwear, other clothes and bedding items.

We do not apply the semen detection home test kits in our service, but if you want, you could do it by yourself, and after to order from us laboratory testing as an additional confirmation for preliminary test results.

Clothing or other items should be stored in new, clean paper bags or paper envelopes, never in plastic bags. Drying does not interfere with the test. Moisture destroys the sample over time. Place in a box, padded envelope or Tyvek envelope to protect the items during shipping, depending on which is appropriate for the size and quantity of the item(s) in question.

The test is not destructive and items could be packaged and returned to you for additional cost and if you give us such instructions.

This service does not include the DNA profiling, but after the semen is detected and a decision is made to order DNA testing, profiles could be generated from the DNA in the stains, but for additional cost. Also, a buccal (cheek) swab sample will be requested from the client to determine whether their DNA profile matches the DNA isolated from the stain.

Once semen is detected if you decide to proceed with DNA testing, CLICK HERE to order The DNA Test.


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Semen Detection Lab Test (STL)

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