Purchase Online Terms

Purchasing the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit has never been easier than now. Online orders are accepted 24 hours a day with the use of a check, debit card or credit card. The credit card statement will not make mention of the purchased product ensuring utmost privacy for consumers. People who prefer ordering by phone can course their orders through the designated order line.

Shipment can be tracked through the tracking number provided by the US Postal Service. The number shall be automatically sent to the designated email address. There is also an option to get a free anonymous email address to be used specifically for the purpose of making online purchases.

Customers buying the CheckMate product are essentially buying a semen detection kit that is primarily used to prove sexual activities in relation to infidelity. Armed with the kit, suspecting partners can test personal articles such as underwear either to confirm or disprove a suspicion. The procedure is relatively easy.

Testers are required to wet the suspected stain with 2 drops of liquid contained in Bottle Number 1 and then allow the liquid to soak into the fabric. This is done to liquefy the biological material in the stain so that it can be extracted for testing. A blotting paper will then be held down on the wetted stain for about 60 seconds until the paper is fully wetted and then set aside to dry. This step effectively transfers the biological material from the garment to the paper to avoid damaging or staining the item being tested. With the use of the supplied dropper, tester should get 10 ml of the liquid contained in Bottle Number 1 and placed in Bottle Number 2. The mixture has to be shaken for 60 seconds. The resulting mixture can test at least 20 suspect stains. Two to three drops of the mixture should be placed on the dried blotting paper. It is best to saturate the entire paper at once by putting 3 big drops. The presence of semen is confirmed when the deep purple color appears in 15 seconds or less.

The semen detection system include a solution of sodium phosphate, maleic acid, dye fast blue salt, naphthye acid phosphate and deionized water plus a solution dispenser and absorbent paper. It is seen as the most cost-effective means of confirming sexual activity. While the option of hiring private detectives is more expensive, it can still be frustrating because of inconclusive findings. The confirmation of a positive result as provided by CheckMate is equivalent to having hired investigators produce photographs of the persons being followed while actually engaged in the sexual act. This is quite a tall order by any standards because of the extreme difficulty in obtaining photographs of such nature.

Buyers of the CheckMate product should decide for themselves what to do if and when a partner’s illicit relationship is confirmed. Finding out the truth can only point towards two directions – that of rebuilding or separating. Either way, there will be ups and downs towards recovery as a couple or alone.

When couples choose to move forward together, both should accept the responsibility of building a new foundation. A marriage therapy or marriage education class could assist the couple as they work their way through their situation. When all else fails, the couple should seriously think of going separate ways. Sometimes a relationship cannot be saved even with the purest intention of both parties because of too much hurt and anger, thus the inability to truly bury the hatchet and start with a clean slate. Relationships that remains intact after being attacked by infidelity is truly an accomplishment for there is nothing fiercer than betrayal when it comes to intimate relationships.