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Hopefully you never find yourself in the situation where you suspect your spouse of cheating.  However, if you ever do, you may want some sort of proof that cheating is taking place.

With the developing of science and technology, the electronic products is updated daily and more and more advanced electronic products produced.Todays amazing technological advances enable you to place simple looking items like an alarm clock or a tissue box in your home which are actually hidden audio/video recorders triggered by motion. (The motion activation feature saves battery life and keeps your mind from charging the device)

Think about it, if the situation was the other way around, and your spouse would put a pen on your bedroom drawer, would you suspect it? If she bought a new alarm clock, would you imagine that this alarm clock records every move you make? Spouse monitoring is definitely the most effective way to find out the truth about your relationship. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for everyone.

Very popular in this category are devices that could restore from the sim card reader deleted text messages.

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CheckMate Parentage Testing Service [DNA-P]

CheckMate Parentage Testing Service [DNA-P]

There is no need to go through a costly and usually inconvenient form of paternity testing when y..


DNA Detection & Comparison (compares stain & swab)  [DNA-C]

DNA Detection & Comparison (compares stain & swab) [DNA-C]

Once semen is detected and a decision is made to proceed with DNA testing, profiles will be gener..


See-Through Mail Transparency Spray [ST-S]

See-Through Mail Transparency Spray [ST-S]

See-Through is a transparency spray that you can use to inspect the contents of closed mailing en..

$36.00 $49.00

Semen Detection Lab Test  (STL)

Semen Detection Lab Test (STL)

We discontinued this service because our home test has proven to be reliable and as accurate as l..


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