• CheckMate Parentage Testing Service [DNA-P]

There is no need to go through a costly and usually inconvenient form of paternity testing when you simply need to know about the real paternity of a child. A husband may be entertaining doubts about the fidelity of his wife or a wife may be dealing with a mistress’ claim regarding her husband’s alleged paternity of a child. When a person is in need to clarify paternity matters, DNA paternity home test kits are sufficient.

Customers need not worry about invasion of privacy, exposure to shame, or incurring high costs. Online DNA paternity tests allow participants to collect their own specimen and send them to an accredited forensic laboratory for testing. There is absolutely no worry about making mistakes in the procedure since it merely entails collection of loose cheek tissues from the inside of the cheek through the use of the provided cotton swab. A DNA paternity home test kit typically includes cotton swabs per person to be tested and packages in which these swabs are to be sealed in for shipping or mailing.

The DNA paternity test provider also sends along with the kit a test order form which should be sent back complete with personal details, payment details, and any particular request for getting the results. A standard paternity test would contain testing kits for 1 child and 1 for father. However, a “full” paternity test would available as well.

The testing process is explained step-by-step and is very easy to perform.

This is not a court admissible test.

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CheckMate Parentage Testing Service [DNA-P]

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