About CheckMate Test

About the CheckMate Semen Detection Test Kit  

Doubting spouses and partners generally just need a confirmation of their suspicions in order to take the necessary action. However, most would not want to raise a ruckus for something that has no basis except for that unexplainable feeling that something is very wrong with the relationship. Partners need not necessarily fight openly for their relationship to be classified as “on-the-rocks”. Most relationships that are walking on the very thin line that defines separation and bonds that are simply endured have their foundation eaten up by suspicions and doubts that remain unconfirmed.

CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit allows spouses or partners who need to know, the privacy and accuracy needed to make important decisions about their relationships. It is a semen detection test that will confirm the existence of a sexual relationship maintained outside marriage or a commitment to one person. It has the ability to detect even the smallest traces of semen in underwear, clothing, bed sheets or any other material that may happen to be in proximity when the suspected sexual encounter occurred. In the same manner that philandering partners are creative in their excuses to hide there outside relationships, partners in the receiving end of infidelity should be as creative in their testing.

Complete instructions included, toll free customer support, and a 100% money back guarantee that you will never need or want to use. Call us toll free if you have any questions or would like to purchase by phone 800 498 5015. Second test kit (we doubles the products inside the box) included free with every order.

Instant test results
Fast, safe, and easy to use infidelity test kit
Laboratory proven test accuracy
Will not stain or damage tested item
Test numerous items with each kit
2nd infidelity test kit included free
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