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CheckMate Semen Test FAQ  

What exactly does the CheckMate kit offer?

CheckMate is a detection kit that offers an easy, affordable, private and accurate way of confirming the presence of semen on suspect articles of clothing such as underwear. With the confirmed presence of semen, sexual activity outside marriage or any established relationship is likewise confirmed thereby offering the truth to the tester to be used as seen fit.

On what kind of material can the CheckMate be used?

Testing can be successfully carried out in any type or color of material for articles such as underwear, clothing, beddings, upholstery and even panty liners.

How can I test a garment without staining it?

The checkmate kit contains bottled solutions that will not stain the material to be tested. The expected change in color should only be seen on the blotting paper that comes with the kit.

Why should I trust the CheckMate results for such a major decision like separation?

The makers of CheckMate did not put the product in the market to destroy marriages but rather to provide doubting spouses or partners a clear answer to their suspicions. What the tester does with the results is solely up to him/her.

Is there any chance that a wrong result may be obtained?

CheckMate has undergone rigorous laboratory testing to ensure accuracy in results. It is designed to detect only semen as evidenced by the presence of exceptionally high levels of enzymes that can only be found in the male prostrate gland. No reaction can be obtained from stains other than that of semen. Untrained consumers will find it very easy to use and does following the very simple steps as indicate assured of 100% accurate results by following the very simple steps as in the directions contained in the kit.

Is the CheckMate only used to test a man?

CheckMate can be used to test both men and women since the main concern is to test suspect stains found on articles such as underwear, clothing and bed sheets. While there may be differences as to how semen actually got into articles for possible testing as well as basic biological differences between male and female, detecting any trace of semen confirms sexual activity.

How long does it take to get results?

Results can be obtained in mere seconds although the entire testing procedure usually takes about 5 minutes.

I was able to keep my wife’s shirt with a suspect stain from her latest business trip last month; can I still test it using CheckMate?

As long as the suspect garment has not been washed and kept in room temperature, it can still be accurately tested for presence of semen until even after several years.

Can I confirm the ownership of semen through CheckMate?

CheckMate only detects the presence of semen and cannot provide any information as to its ownership. Such questions can only be answered by a DNA test.

Is it possible for CheckMate to do its work if my unfaithful wife’s partner uses condom?

The use of condom by your wife’s sexual partner may effectively prevent detection of the presence of any trace of semen through flowback or the natural secretion by the woman of traces of semen after unprotected sex rendering the use of CheckMate as impractical. You should try testing other possible articles of clothing, which you believe may also have been used at the time of the suspected sexual activity. You would be surprised to know that CheckMate users in the most unexpected places have detected semen.

I would really like to purchase a CheckMate kit but I am embarrassed that my neighbor will know. How do I get my order?

Rest assured that all purchases are treated in strict confidentiality. Ordered kits comes in regular shipping boxes with no indication whatsoever of its contents.

What if I am not satisfied with the product?

We are perfectly sure that you will have no reason to be dissatisfied with the product, but in any case, CheckMate comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked.

How many articles a CheckMate kit can test?

Each kit can test from 5 to 10 articles with a second kit provided for free.

What is the advantage of using the CheckMate Semen Detection Kit as compared to tests conducted in laboratories?

The advantages of a CheckMate use are provided through the cost, immediacy of results and confidentiality. Sending articles for testing would have additional costs and results may take a while to be received. There is also the matter of maintaining privacy when conducting such sensitive tests.

I have my suspicions about my husband but could not find visible stains on any of his clothing articles. How can CheckMate help me?

CheckMate has been designed to test suspect stains for the presence of semen thus it will not be of much use for a wild hunt. Your best bet is to find at least a suspect article that you think may have been in close proximity during the suspected sexual activity. However, there will be a need to test on different parts of the material such as a bed sheet in the absence of visible traces of stains. In a happy note, there is still the possibility that your husband is completely faithful to you.

How can a man make sure that he is not detecting himself when testing his partner?

A man intending to perform a test on his partner should refrain from any sexual activity with the woman to be tested for at least seven (7) days prior to testing. This would ensure that a positive result obtained is conclusive instead of wondering whether the man has detected himself.

How many times do I need to perform a test to ensure accuracy?

Testers need only to perform the test once even if the kit comes with materials that can perform 5 to 10 tests. However, for the tester’s peace of mind, tests can also be performed with controlled samples such as actual semen or saliva.

Does the CheckMate have any after effect?

The CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit is very safe to use. The contents of the kit are not used directly on humans but rather on materials used by humans so absolutely no harmful after effect is expected.

What is the shelf life of CheckMate?

In the unopened state, CheckMate kits come with an advertised shelf life of one (1) year, although CheckMate kits over two (2) years old have been successfully used primarily due to its careful packaging.

What are the contents of a complete CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit?

Every CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit comes with two (2) bottles of liquid transfer medium, two (2) bottles of CheckMate reaction component, ten (10) Lift Trace Papers, two (2) packaged applicators, frequently asked questions sheet and a complete and detailed instruction sheet. By following the simple directions as indicated, CheckMate provides instant results.

How I can distinguish a semen stain from other stains?

Dried semen stains on white material can appear to be clear and even invisible to the human eye. It is much easier to see on dark-colored materials as they appear to be hard, crusty white stains. Professionals would often refer to it as having a “board-like” consistency, giving off a stiff and starchy feel or appearance to the material to which it is adhered to.

It is safe to have it sent to my office as I’m almost always there anyway?

Yes, it is very safe to have the package sent to your office or to any specified address you prefer. Since it comes in a generic postal service packaging, no one would ever know the contents except for the recipient.

How can I confirm the CheckMate test results?

Customers can easily confirm the accuracy of the test by conducting other tests using controlled samples. In other words, see if it gives a positive result when you test on actual semen or see if it gives a negative result when some other substance is used.

I’m not very familiar with home tests such as CheckMate, how long has it been in the market?

CheckMate was introduced in 1999 at a time when no other similar product is being offered in the market. It is actually credited for creating the semen detection industry. The product is regularly featured in spy and security trade shows.

What if I can’t find any visible stains but am positive that something happened in our own bedroom?

The CheckMate product can only provide results when used on identified stains of whatever nature. However, the CheckMate UV Stain Locator can assist testers in finding hidden stains in large materials such as beddings. Once a particular stain is found, CheckMate can get to work.

Do you make international deliveries?

Please confirm with our online representatives to verify if your place of location is covered by our international delivery service. In case it is not, we can assist you in finding the distributor nearest you.

When is the best time to use the semen detection kit?

CheckMate can work at any time of the day but the best time to obtain results can only be determined by the tester since the detection kit can only get to work if there are stains to be tested. As per feedbacks receive from customers however, it would appear that underwear worn during a late night out or an “extended” business trip yield more positive results. You should try co-relating your suspicions with the surrounding circumstances.

I’m afraid I may not be able to perform the test correctly by myself, should I get assistance from another person?

The testing procedure is very easy to follow so there is actually no need to get the assistance of another person. Actual results can be obtained in 15 seconds or less while the whole procedure may be finished in 5 minutes or less.

Is the CheckMate some kind of repackaged test?

Definitely not, CheckMate is an original product which was given a US patent in 2004. We are quite confident that the CheckMate product will not be aggressively imitated as it is today if it was just some old repackaged previously- failed testing kit or idea.

Do I have to use the test immediately upon receipt?

The CheckMate product has a shelf life of at least one year so there is no need to use it right away. Many customers buy the product to be ready just in case they would need it.

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