Semen Detection Guarantee

CheckMate Semen Detection Guarantee  

Sold around the world since 1999

A revolutionary home use forensic test for semen detection known as CheckMate has been available around the world since 1999.  It is able to instantly detect traces of dried semen that is usually found in underwear after sex.  A CheckMate semen detection kit can be used to test from 5 to 10 items and comes with a free second test kit.  It can be used on any type or color of material without damaging or staining the item in any way.

The 5 Minute Infidelity Test Kit™ from CheckMate has achieved an unparalleled track record of use and success and it comes complete with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee that you will never need or ever want to use.

If for some reason you are not absolutely 100% satisfied with the CheckMate product in every way all you have to do is call or write and we will instantly refund the purchase price the product.

You don't have to send anything back, you don't have to fill out any forms, and you won't have to explain why. The  reason we can offer a guarantee like this is because CheckMate is the most accurate, reliable, and easy to use test kit available today and we are absolutely certain you're going to love it.

Police authorities and investigators now have a new tool which they can use in their investigation works wherein determining the actual occurrence of sexual intercourse is critical such as sexual assault cases.  Most people contemplating ending their marriages due to their partners’ infidelity also usually need a positive proof before making the final decision.  CheckMate provides the finality which surveillance photographs, audio transcripts and written reports may not be able to give.  While the proven presence of semen on garments can be the deciding factor for filing a civil action by clients, investigators can use CheckMate as a professional examination tool that is quick and efficient.