Privacy Policy

The CheckMate product is being offered in the market primarily to help people decide wisely on matters that would require physical evidence pertaining to sexual activity outside marriage or other established relationships. The company fully appreciates and understands the customers’ need to maintain the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality in all their transactions. In fact, the primary concern of the company lies in protecting such privacy in all phases including inquiry, purchase and delivery. All transactions are guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure.

Online transactions are protected by the latest encryption technology to prevent credit card fraud or abuse. There will be no mention of the actual item purchased either in credit card statements or in shipping boxes that will relate to the purchase of the CheckMate product in any way. It is so confidential that not even the delivery person has any idea what he is actually delivering.

No reasons are needed from the customers when they inquire and purchase the CheckMate product. The company understands that being involved in a relationship clouded with possible acts of infidelity is already very difficult as it is. Thus, it is not necessary to ask for probing questions that may be more difficult for the customers to handle. In fact, to show full support to people who find themselves in this particular situation, the company has made available several online representatives to answer questions that need to be clarified.

The use of the CheckMate product does not in any way encourage marriage break-ups. It only aims to provide concerned people the tools to know the truth if and when they decide they want to know. CheckMate presents the safest and most private way to go about one’s personal investigation as no other person gets to be involved in the test except the tester himself/herself. Not even the person being tested would know unless the tester himself/herself decides that it should be known.

A partner’s act of infidelity is not something people talk about in the open because of a certain stigma that goes with it. It is against accepted social norms even if the practice is quite common. Even the offended partner shares in the stigma, even sometimes being blamed for what the other has done. There is also a sense of shame since problems in relationships ultimately point to the weaknesses of both partners. This is probably the reason why some doubting spouses choose to act as if nothing is happening even if faced with insurmountable evidence of their partners’ infidelity.

Long-suffering people will eventually find their breaking point when they will refuse to take anymore of the abuse in trust. CheckMate can help in this regard since it will provide the confirmation of the existence of sexual activity outside established relationships. Most of the time, this confirmation is the only thing needed for the offended partner to take concrete action.

Nobody has to live in an environment of doubt and suspicion. The truth should be obtained, if one expects to have peace of mind. Eventually, the truth will allow people to think more clearly to be able to reassess their lives in a more productive perspective. Detection kits are just tools that can be used so that further talk can be based on truth rather than lies.

People are a lot more fortunate today for having easy and ready access to products such as the CheckMate. Since life is all about choices, we can choose to live in truth or in lies. There is no sense in needless suffering when there is actually nothing going on. In the same breathe; neither does it make sense to suffer through the continuous unfaithfulness of one’s partner.

In a person’s search for the truth, the CheckMate product quietly but effectively supports his/her action. There is no need to compound the suffering by using unreliable methods of detection that also cannot offer a secure and private way of procurement. CheckMate offers both accuracy and privacy.