• Dual Action Deluxe CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit

Dual Action, Deluxe CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit includes two different test kits in one box.There are the two kits of the traditional CheckMate test, plus one confirmation cassette CheckMate test.

Semen has over 900 identified proteins among which are semenogelin I and II (gel-forming proteins produced by the seminal vesicles), prostate-specific antigen (a protease which breaks down semenogelin), and acid phosphatase (which breaks down spermatozoa cell membranes).

The CheckMate Home Infidelity Test Kit based on the detection semen stains by recognition of Acid Phosphatase (AP) protein. To confirm the test results we suggest analyzing stain spots by other semen protein – prostate-specific antigen. The confirmation test is 100% specific for semen at a dilution of 1/500,000 or less. This means that the probability of a false positive result is essentially zero within the first 12 hours after intercourse. In order to be sure that the semen did not come from you, you must not have had intercourse with your spouse for at least three days prior to the test.

These two test work together to provide evidence of semen on a woman's undergarment. If you apply both tests, there is possible to recognize semen stains on undergarments, that over 30 years old.

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Dual Action Deluxe CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit

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