Signs of Infidelity

Signs of Infidelity  

Infidelity makes no distinction on who, where, when, why and how it attacks. It can come slowly as in developed relationships due to constant companionship or swiftly as instant physical attraction that cannot be denied. It has caused many marriages to crumble under the unbearable weight of distrust and lies.

When someone feels that his/her partner is cheating, is it tantamount to a reliable conclusion that he/she is? Of course not! It is such a waste to put marriages or relationships on the line for baseless suspicions and unfounded doubts. It cannot be denied however that due to the level of intimacy in committed relationships, the other can easily see slight changes in the partner. These changes may not even be noticeable to other people but to couples who have spent considerable time together, the most minute detail can matter and actually mean something is amiss somewhere.

So how do people detect signs of infidelity? There are actually so many signs to look for but the most common would include changes in physical appearance, manner of relating to spouse, communication or conversation, work habits, daily behavior, finances, travel, behavior and personality, absences, phone tip offs, sex, eating habits, taste and smell, computer or cell phone use, disclosure or slip-ups and physical evidence. Physical evidence would include suspicious stains that can be tested by CheckMate Infidelity test Kit.

Having access to physical evidence that can actually be tested by a detection kit such as CheckMate, people can remove the guesswork towards the discovery of the truth. The confirmation of the presence of semen whether on a man’s or woman’s clothing, underwear and other personal articles is a proof that sexual activity has taken place. Confirmation of the guilt of one person comes about when test results reveal the presence of semen in situations where the testing partner knows nothing about. If a sexual activity occurred without the participation of the testing partner, then it would be easy to conclude that the partner being tested is guilty of infidelity, as the act has been done with another.

A sudden renewed interest in one’s appearance should sound a warning bell to the partner especially if done to the extremes. Working out in a gym or wearing a new style or clothing may appear quite harmless unless they are being done for the benefit of another person of the opposite sex. Changes in manner of relating to the spouse such as the loss of interest on conversing, insensitivity to the partner’s feeling or foregoing activities that used to be enjoyable to them as a couple are sure indicators that something is occupying the mind of the changed partner possibly caused by an affair.

A cheating partner will find ways and excuses just to leave the house and go somewhere else such as the office for overtime work, out-of-town for extended business meetings or just about any place aside from the house to do a range of activities that never seems to run out. Going out with friends is one of the most common covers resorted to by cheaters.

A partner that has suddenly become “too private” for comfort, is certainly hiding something. When no one is allowed to touch his/her cell phone and personal things, phone and credit card bills are hidden and computer passwords are being changed to deny access to the spouse, something is definitely brewing. Infidelity can even occur online due to the prevalence of chat rooms, dating sites, secret email accounts and pornographic websites. Little lies about the most seemingly unimportant details of the day can actually be clues to a much bigger lie called infidelity. When the heart and mind cannot be silenced by suspicions that won’t go away, it is time to obtain evidence of guilt or innocence through reliable testing such as that provided by CheckMate.