-To be honest, I was very skeptical about the accuracy of the CheckMate results. However, my wife’s actions lately have given me serious doubts about her fidelity, which is really driving me crazy. She has absolutely refused to have any sexual relations with me for almost two months and seem to have too many business trips and seminars to attend usually out of town. I got hold of a CheckMate kit and used it on one of her stained underwear that she brought home from her latest trip. I got a positive result. Wanting to make sure, I tested two other articles, one of which I purposely stained with my own semen and the other with my saliva. My first controlled sample also gave a positive result while the saliva stain gave a negative result. This was when I confronted my wife and eventually got her confession. She has stopped going on trips and we still live together but I have not yet reached a final decision regarding our marriage but it helps a lot to know the truth. Thanks to CheckMate.
Ronald – San Francisco, California

-My husband never seems to run out of reasons to go out with his friends every chance he gets. It is bad enough that he stays out most of the time but its worse when he comes drunk and has suspicious stains on his pants. I used the CheckMate Semen Detection Kit on his stained pants and got an instant positive result for the presence of semen. I told my husband I’d leave him if this ever happens again because there is no story he can ever concoct that would convince me of his innocence when he’s got semen stains all over his pants from a late night out.
Minerva – New Mexico

-My wife and I have been together for almost 15 years and let’s just say that some of the fire in our relationship has died down. We seem to be drifting apart year after year. Even though that is the case, I honestly cannot comprehend my wife having another man in her life. Just to clear my mind, I used the CheckMate kit on her underwear, which I got from the laundry basket. I almost did not want to look, afraid of a positive result. Thankfully, I got a negative result. What I did started me thinking that if I cared enough to know if there is any other man in her life, then I should care enough to try to keep that from happening. I started being more attentive to her and got a delightful response when she became more attentive to me in return. Just goes to show that partners need to exert effort for their relationships to work. Thanks to CheckMate for being instrumental in making me realize my shortcomings.
Joseph – West Palm Beach, Florida

-As a private investigator, I have seen countless wives and husbands on the receiving end of suspected acts of infidelity. Even when confronted with written reports, audio transcripts and surveillance photos, there still appears to be something missing that would make them pursues civil action. I have reason to believe that most need to confirm the existence of an actual sexual relationship before making the final decision. I have clients who used the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit on the personal belongings of their partners. Majority of those who got positive results confronted their partners and either pushed for civil action or settled through other means of separation, or rebuilding their damaged relationships. Either way, the power of knowing the truth has given back control in their lives wrecked by unending doubts and suspicions.
Chris – Akron, Ohio

-I have always had a nagging doubt about my husband’s faithfulness to me. I tried using the CheckMate kit on at least 10 items of clothing he used during suspicious late night outs and only got negative results. I decided to let it go but one day, out of curiosity. I decided to test a stain on the car upholstery and got a positive result and to think that I know for sure that we have never engaged in any sexual activity inside the car. Investigating further, I found numerous receipts from the laundry and an extra set of clean clothes and underwear in the car. Seems to me he has meticulously planned for his illicit activities. I have reached a final decision to leave him. He has gone to great lengths to deceive me and I don’t think I can trust him anymore.
Melody – Little Italy, New York

-It is such a great relief to be able to talk about a very sensitive issue of infidelity in a strictly professional manner when I purchased a CheckMate Test Kit. I am waiting to use it to set my mind at peace about my suspicions about my partner.
Neil – Chicago, Illinois